02 March 2011

Library Signage

There's a great article in the February 1, 2011 issue of Library Journal that addresses a common problem in our libraries - the lack of neat, effective, consistent signage. If your library has 17 random signs scotch taped to your front door, if you have pictures of cell phones/burgers/sodas with red x's through them pasted on your walls, you should check out this article along with a few others (links below.)

Signs of Good Design by Aaron Schmidt (LJ, 02/01/2011)

Signage : Better None than Bad by Leah White (American Libraries, 07/12/2010)

Library Signs, Good and Bad (Swiss Army Librarian blog, 04/24/2008)

Good Example of Effective Signage (Swiss Army Librarian blog, 01/11/2011)

Flickr Group for library signage

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