14 February 2011

Advocacy Day

The following is a revised schedule of appointments for Advocacy Day on March 1.

9:30 AM - Assemblyman Marc Butler - Room 318 LOB (GLV, JOH, NOR)
10:00 AM - Assemblyman Jim Tedisco - Room 404 LOB (SCP)
10:30 PM - Assemblyman George Amedore - Room 718 LOB (AMS, CAN, FON, FTH, FTP, SCP, STJ)
11:00 AM - Assemblyman Peter Lopez - Room 429 LOB (COB, MID, SHO, SHS)
11:30 AM - NYLA Rally - Meeting Room 6
12:30 PM - Senator Hugh Farley - Room 706 LOB (AMS, CAN, FON, FTH, FTP, GLV, JOH, NOR, SCP, STJ)
1:00 PM - Senator James Seward - Room 403 Capitol (COB, MID, SHO, SHS)

With the Governor's proposed 10% cut to library aid in the 2011-2012 budget, it is critical that we have a big turn-out on Advocacy Day. MVLS will provide carpooling to Albany that day. If you are interested in carpooling, please let Kathy Insero know as soon as possible; the van will leave MVLS at 7:40 AM on March 1.

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