08 February 2011

Advocacy Day

MVLS has confirmed appointments for Advocacy Day on March 1 with several of our legislators. Scheduled appointments as of 02/07 are:

9:30 AM - Assemblyman Marc Butler (GLV, JOH, NOR)
11:00 AM - Assemblyman Peter Lopez (COB, MID, SHO, SHS)
12:30 PM - Assemblyman George Amedore (AMS, CAN, FON, FTH, FTP, SCP, STJ)
1:00 PM - Senator James Seward (COB, MID, SHO, SHS)

We have yet to finalize appointment times with Senator Hugh Farley (AMS, CAN, FON, FTH, FTP, GLV, JOH, NOR, SCP, STJ) and Assemblyman Jim Tedisco (SCP). More information will be forthcoming. With the Governor's proposed 10% cut to library aid in the 2011-2012 budget, it is critical that we have a big turn-out on Advocacy Day.

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