14 July 2010

Your Library By The Numbers

(from the Tame the Web blog)
Emily Lloyd writes:

"My coworker Marni came up with a great idea for one of our lobby bulletin boards: a display called “Eden Prairie Library by the Numbers.” Illustrated with photos taken in the branch, it includes stats like how many returns the library checks in every day (roughly 4000), how many storytimes we offer per week (8), how many items were checked out from our location last year (1,333,427), how many years the library has been part of the community (35), etc. The display was really popular with both patrons and staff–nice for patrons to see, in these strained economic times, exactly how much the library does in the community, and a good reminder to staff that we’re actually pretty amazing."

What a super way to visually show the value your library provides to your community. And pretty easy to put together, too! I'm sure most patrons have no idea just how many holds you fill or how many people use your public computers on a daily basis. Please share pictures if anyone does a similar display.

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