05 July 2010

Mary Bobinski Innovative Public Library Director Award

The Mary Bobinski Innovative Public Library Director Award, established in 2010, comes with a $1,200 prize and is given to a public library director who during the past two years developed or implemented an innovative program leading to an increase in financial support and/or usage of their library by:
- Demonstrating the value and importance of their public library to community leaders and local government officials.
- Enhancing the image of the public library through an innovative public relations program publicizing the resources and services in multiple media formats.
- Developing new programs and services to attract users and non-users.

Evidence of success would include the following:
-Increase in library usage through such measures as circulation figures, attendance statistics, library cardholders, etc.
-Increase in financial support in the regular budget and/or in gifts and contributions from the community.

Nomination Form and supporting documentation must be submitted to the NYLA Office by August 30th.

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