01 April 2010

Advocacy Needed

As you know, the Governor proposed a $2.4 million cut in Library Aid in his 2010-11 Executive Budget. It would be the 5th cut in less than two years and would bring Library Aid down to $84.5 million and below 1998 levels.

Last week, the Assembly and Senate passed their Budget Proposals/Resolutions. The Senate proposal called for the full restoration of the $2.4 million cut and the Assembly proposal included a 40% or $960,000 restoration. The Legislature is on Passover/Easter Break until April 7th, but legislative staff are working to resolve the differences between the Assembly’s and Senate’s proposals to address the $9 billion state budget deficit.

So between now and when the Legislature returns, we need to fill their email boxes and fax machines with as many messages as possible. So please visit www.protectnylibraries.org and click on the Vote for Libraries button to send message.

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