04 February 2010

Save the Date - Lobby Day is March 2

This year's Lobby Day at the State Capital in Albany will be on Tuesday, March 2. In light of recently proposed budget cuts, it is more important than ever that your library be represented there. MVLS will coordinate schedules with our legislators, and will share that schedule once it is completed.
This year we would like to hand our legislators "I love my library" coloring sheets - we have borrowed this idea and the sheets from the Mid-Hudson Library System, with their permission, who gave them to legislators last year with great success. The sheets can be printed from the MVLS website homepage. If you'd prefer we send you some, please let Sue know how many.

We'd like you to make them available to your younger patrons for coloring, either at a table with crayons/markers or a library program, or whatever works for you. Then, bring them with you on Lobby Day to hand to your legislator. Or, give them to your trustee to give on Lobby Day, or put in delivery for MVLS to take, by Friday, February 26.

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