05 May 2009

Middleburgh Quilt Show

From Sue:

May 2, Saturday morning. Lovely day to drive Middleburgh for the, I hope, first annual Middleburgh Library Quilt Show with accommodating husband. Middleburgh's blog said they'd have 100 quilts for this fund raiser. Where would they put them all??? Quilts were attached to all the shelves, (explaining why the library was closed for the event) and instead of a sea of books, there was a sea of quilts! Quilts were on the end caps, over computers and displays. It was gorgeous. And I found out what former Middleburgh Library Director Mary France is doing with her spare time (see photo!) The children's room had, of course, children's quilts. After perusing the two vendor rooms (after all what is a quilt show without vendors?) We then walked over to the Library's Best House, home of two country doctors in Middleburgh over 100 years http://www.mvls.info/lhg/besthouse/index.html which was filled with antique quilts, an added attraction being a walk through both floors of the house, just gorgeous. What a great way to host a library fund raiser! Now to reserve those quilt books I saw there......

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