14 April 2009

ChiliFresh Trial

Beginning today, Tuesday, April 14, we will have a trial of the ChiliFresh review engine available in our Polaris PAC (Catalog). The ChiliFresh trial will last until May 9th.

ChiliFresh is a third-party product that allows users to rate books, write their own (moderated) reviews and to read reviews written by other people. ChiliFresh reviews and ratings (from 0 to 5 stars) appear on the left-hand side of the PAC entries, just below book jacket images. You can learn more about ChiliFresh at http://www.chilifresh.com/ .

During the ChiliFresh trial period, please forward any feedback regarding the product to jason@sals.edu. Jason will compile your comments and share them with the JA Council. The JA Council will decide about the purchase of ChiliFresh at their meeting on May 5th.

Thanks for your participation during this trial period.

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