29 January 2009

Implementing Chapter 414 (Inch by Inch) 2nd Edition Released

The MidHudson Library System has created a second edition of the classic Chapter 414 handbook: Inch by Inch, Row by Row: Implementing Chapter 414 of New York State’s 1995 laws, the "local votes law" for public libraries: http://midhudson.org/trustee/414mhls.pdf

Chapter 414 of the laws of 1995 in New York State allows libraries – in particular - municipal and association libraries the opportunity to put their budget up for a public vote.

New for the 2nd Edition:
- Expanded Q&A section
- Timeline & Suggested Activities tied to the MHLS Getting to Yes Project's Public Library Vote Toolbox [http://midhudson.org/vote/default.htm]
- Municipal Communications
- Petition Tips
- Sample FAQ list for the public
- Challenges to the Law & Outcomes

This second edition of Inch by Inch, Row by Row is an expansion of a document created by the Southern Adirondack Library System.

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