12 November 2008

State Aid Cuts, November 18 Rally, and Advocacy Efforts

Governor Paterson released his proposed cuts today and libraries were front and center: Governor Paterson has proposed a $20 million cut to library aid - that's a 21% cut to library and system funding that has been static for a decade. Included in these cuts are Local Services Support Aid, Supplemental System Aid, and Construction Grants.

Did that wake you up?

Take action:

- Take 5 minutes out of your day today to send a letter through NYLA's automated faxing program - the letter is already written for you - it does not get any easier: just click the Contact Your Elected Officials button on the MVLS website.

- Take 5 more minutes to call your legislator. Here are some talking points:

  • Libraries have already contributed their fair share toward reducing the state's budget deficit. Library Aid has already been reduced twice this year from $102 million to $99 million.
  • Between 1998-2006, libraries and library systems received no increases, while other educational institutions received generous increases.
  • Library use is up dramatically in every community across the state. [use stats from your own library here - circulation, program attendance, door count, computer usage]
  • Library systems are the backbone of our libraries and information infrastructure. They are an example of how the library community has long been a champion and role model for regional cooperation, resource sharing and providing services in a cost-effective and efficient manner, that saves libraries of all types and their patrons money.

Nopw more than ever, we need PEOPLE to attend the Rally next Tuesday, November 18th at 1:00 PM in Albany. Please contact Carol to let her know you plan to attend. MVLS will coordinate carpooling for those who are interested in ride sharing.

Your voice matters - make sure it is heard. Thanks in advance for your time!

(Thanks to Rebekkah Smith Aldrich from MHLS for the talking points.)

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