24 September 2008

Three Apples Book Award - New Cycle Begins Now!

The 3 Apples Children's and Teen Choice Book Award cycle has been changed to coincide with the school year. Between now and October 20th, please have your students nominate their favorite book. ANY book can be nominated – even one that was nominated last year. Rest assured that any previous winner is not eligible to win again. Children ages 8-12 and/or in Grades 3–6 will nominate titles for the Children’s Choice Award. Teens ages 13+ and in Grades 7-12 will nominate titles for the Teen Choice Award.

Watch the delivery for a 3 Apples packet which includes: Instruction letter, Children's Poster, 3 sheets of nomination forms for children , Teen Poster, 3 sheets of nomination forms for teens

Please enter your nominations on the website before midnight on October 31st. The password is included in the instruction letter. Voting will close at 11:59 PM on the 31st.

After the 15 nominations for each award are announced in November by the Youth Services Section (YSS) of NYLA, MVLS will have two 3 Apples sites available on our online book tracking system. The 3 Apples Book Tracker will link the titles to the Polaris Catalog, and allow students to keep track of the titles they read as well as review them online.

Be sure to share this information with your colleagues at school!

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