12 September 2008

Monsters: New Picture Books Boys will Adore

Don't be scared to check out these new monsterish picture books, half of which are written by guys named Rex and half that are Rex-less.

Frankenstein Takes the Cake Which is Full of Funny Stuff Like Rotting Heads and Giant Gorillas and Zombies Dressed as Little Girls and Edgar Allan Poe. the Book, We Mean - Not the Cake by Adam Rex makes the perfect autumn wedding present for your librarian friends (especially because writing the title in the thank you note leaves little room to say anything else!). Well, the title says it all. Check out the headless horseman log. Check out the Peanuts and Poe satires. Filled with ghoulish poetry, cartoons, pictures, line drawing, paintings, you name it. Leave this one on the table for your teens to find. They and adults will appreciate it the most!

But for preschool and early grade school boys? Introduce parody to them through Goodnight Goon: A Petrifying Parody, by Michael Rex. About as terrifying as the original, this bright and colorful story will be great read aloud for storytime! Remember to read with your calming inflections.

Then check out Monsters on Machines by Deb Lund, illustrated by Robert Neubecker. Another great one for storytime with bright, large and LOUD pictures. These monsters are using their machines carefully though, note the earplugs on the bulldozer driver.

And finally, local author Karen Magnuson Beil's new picture book Jack's House is finally out. Mike Wohnoutka uses large, bright acrylics to illustrate the tale, which is a clever retelling of the classic cumulative story using, what else, trucks and vans. Yes, they look monsterous big, and boys will love hearing this great read-aloud told from the perspective of the real builder, Max the Dog.

Check them out! They are rotating now in the newest preview collection.

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Deb Lund said...

I'm honored you included my MONSTERS ON MACHINES on your list -- and so soon, since it just came out 8/08. We're having fun watching them leap off the shelves. The Publisher's Weekly starred review starts out "Lund's rhyming story, about a team of ghoulish monsters who ride bulldozers and cranes, has just about everything a child could hope for, from fantastical characters to vehicles, from muck and mud to screams and shouts to monsteroni and cheese..." Not everyone gets to rush out and buy books, so I'm especially thrilled when libraries like yours get books in the hands of children. Happy reading everyone!