26 September 2008

Friday Afternoon Giveaways

It's a rainy Friday afternoon, and seems like a good time to start a Friday Afternoon Giveaway!

Of course we have rules. You can only win once a month (luckily there are only four more days in September.) And you must be from an MVLS member library to win. Email Sue (srokos@mvls.info) with your answers!

1. Brand spanking just received copy of Diary of a Wimpy Kid Do-It-Yourself Book - This one won't go into the preview collections, because, well, it shouldn't go onto your library shelves. It's billed as an interactive journal - containing three sections with word balloons, mini-quizzes and more, some color cartoons, and then empty notebook lined pages. The first to name the wimpy kid and his best friend will be the winner. Did you know, there's a contest for your would-be comic artists - print off a flier at www.wimpykid.com/contest and publicize for ages 6-16! That comic contest winner will receive a visit to their library from Jeff Kinney.

2. Arc time. We have 15 of them to give away for sharing with tweens and teens at your library. The lot goes to whomever can tell me what arc stands for.

3. For the grownups. Louis L'Amour: A Memoir: Education of a Wandering Man with introduction by Daniel J. Boorstin, reissued 2008, orginially 1989, with 25 bookmarks designed to celebrate the Louis L'Amour Centennial all year long, AND a flier telling us how to use the works of Louis with reluctant readers. To the first person who can tell me the year Louis died.

4. For Madonna fans. To the first person who asks, The English Roses: Hooray for the Holidays, which includes collectible myenglishroses.net membership card!

And finally, 5. In 1974, the National Council for the Social Studies (NCSS) created the Carter G. Woodson Book Award to “encourage the writing, publishing, and dissemination of outstanding social science books for young readers that treat topics related to ethnic minorities and relations sensitively and accurately.” We found two winners for 2008 on our preview shelf, Sophisticated Ladies: The Great Women of Jazz by Leslie Gourse, illustrated by Martin French, and Louis Sockalexis: Native American Baseball Pioneer by Bill Wise, illustrated by Bill Farnsworth. Tell me who Carter was and they are yours!

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Sue said...

Congrats to Sharon Springs Public Library for the early Saturday win of 15 tween and teen arcs! Happy Reading!

Three giveaways remain!