04 August 2008

Syracuse University Conducting Study

Dr. Ruth Small and her research team from Syracuse University are in need of volunteer librarians from public libraries in New York State who are willing to participate in a pilot research study in September 2008. Specifically, they are looking for librarians who have a strong knowledge of the adult services and resources in their libraries (e.g., adult services librarian, library director); only one per library please. They hope to get representation from a cross section of communities in New York State.

If you volunteer, you will be asked to complete an online survey that focuses on specific types of resources and services in your library and how they are used by patrons. The survey will take about 30 minutes.

All names and personal information will be kept strictly confidential. Group data will be reported and any individual responses included will be anonymous, with any identifying information removed. The survey will be available in early September. Results from the pilot study will serve as the basis for a broad, national study.

If you would be willing to participate, please contact Dr. Small at drruth@syr.edu no later than August 31, 2008.

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