23 July 2008

NYLA Conference 2008

MVLS wants to send you (or someone from your library) to NYLA.

This year's NYLA conference has one of the best lineups of programs in recent years and since it is local, MVLS hopes that member libraries will take advantage of this continuing education opportunity and attend the conference. Some of the featured speakers are Karen Hyman, Russell Banks, Julia Spencer-Fleming, Rafe Martin, among others, and the programs run the full gamut of subjects related to libraries.

Once again, MVLS will pay for one person from each of our libraries to attend the conference held November 5-8 in Saratoga. We reimburse at member rates.

The preliminary conference program is now available and registrations are being accepted (online registration is available.) The early bird deadline is August 15, so get your registration in today. Contact Carol to claim the reimbursement for the attendee from your library.

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