09 July 2008

Easy Marketing Tool

What are many libraries already producing for their patrons that could be used as a fantastic marketing tool? The answer - a check out receipt. Yes, that little piece of paper that lets patrons know when their items are due back to the library can also be used to market your library's programs and services.

Did you know that the text at the bottom of the receipt is customizable by branch? Several lines of text can be entered there, and easily changed as needed. What can you put in that space? Here are just a few ideas:
  • Announcements of upcoming programs
  • Promoting the Summer Reading Program at your library (include the URL for the online SRP)
  • Changes to library hours or holiday closings
  • Highlight a new service the library is offering or a new database the library has access to
  • Announcements of book sales or other fundraisers

Many patrons use their check out receipt as a bookmark, or hang it on their refrigerator and look at it regularly so they don't miss a due date. Take advantage of that fact and don't overlook the marketing value of the receipt. Want to know how to customize the receipt text? Call Sharon at MVLS.

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