30 June 2008

ALA and Radioshack Partner to Offer Free Programs to Libraries

ALA and RadioShack have announced a partnership to help educate citizens about the transition from analog to digital television that will take place in February, 2009. Through this partnership, RadioShack's 4,500 company stores and many of the 1,000-plus participating franchise stores will offer knowledgeable team members to 16,000 ALA public libraries to host educational sessions for library patrons.

Included in these sessions will be information about why the DTV transition is occurring, the benefits digital television offers television viewers, what people need to do in order to continue receiving over-the-air television broadcasts after the conversion occurs, and how to apply for up to two $40 government coupons per household to help reduce the costs of obtaining a digital converter box.

ALA members who wish to host a DTV transition presentation in their library may make a request directly through RadioShack's corporate offices. A library would need only to fill out a brief template form and email it directly to RadioShack. This is a great (and free!) program for libraries to offer.

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