01 May 2008

Grant Opportunity - Fit for Life Libraries

In recognition of the growing role of libraries in providing free, reliable health information, Libraries for the Future (LFF) announces an expansion of Fit for Life (FFL), a national initiative to help public libraries promote lifelong health and wellness through community responsive programs. Fit for Life will focus on both physical and brain health, and will target audiences of all ages.

A generous grant from the MetLife Foundation has allowed LFF to offer training and grants of $10,000 to $25,000 to 15 urban library systems.

In addition, FFL libraries will be charged with launching community-wide public awareness campaigns to promote the importance of fitness and nutrition, offering health programming for individuals of all ages, distributing free health publications, and recording accomplishments related to all of the above. Each participating library will be required to submit a proposal in collaboration with at least five community organizations, to expand possibilities for community outreach and programming.

Proposals are due June 1. The RFP can be downloaded here.

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