07 April 2008

Free Books!

In celebration of National Library Week, the Laurie R. King web site is giving away--to libraries--fifteen sets of the gorgeous Picador trade paperback editions of the first four novels in her Mary Russell series: The Beekeeper's Apprentice (included in the 100 favorite mysteries of the 20th century by the IMBA), A Monstrous Regiment of Women, A Letter of Mary , and The Moor. Readers of Laurie's blog and Virtual Book Club are being urged to nominate libraries, but there's no reason libraries can't nominate themselves! Anyone interested should send their favorite library's name and address to info@laurieking.com with the subject "Russell in Libraries." The deadline to enter is April 15 at midnight Pacific time, and the drawing will be conducted the next day.
(from PubLib 04/07/08)

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