11 April 2007

Computer Books

The following appeared on the Publib discussion list today.

I review computer guides for LJ. So, I have several stacks of books here, published between 2005-2006, that need to leave my house. These are not galleys, but actual published copies. I'll mail one box of these books to each of three public libraries, no strings attached (although a donation receipt would be nice). If interested, e-mail cmedia@lisjobs.com by April 24 with the following info:

- Contact name, e-mail, and physical library address
- One paragraph on why your library could use a box of computer books
- A couple of subject areas you could particularly use (e.g., Windows XP, A+ certification, podcasting)

The three libraries selected will be notified by May 1, and I'll ship out the books via media mail in early May. Feel free to pass this message along to colleagues.

Rachel Singer Gordon
Webmaster, LISjobs.com / Consulting Editor, ITI Books

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